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I recently experienced some emacs problems suggestive of load path issues. Executing M-x list-load-path-shadows gives a nice long list of shadowed files from load path. I use straight.el as my emacs package manager. It’s very convenient for all the reasons that the straight.el documentation lays out, but naive usage can lead you to introducing load-path conflicts. Consider an example like the following:

(straight-use-package 'eri)
(straight-use-package 'agda2-mode)

I included both of these in my .emacs configuration, asking straight.el to load, and install if necessary, both of these packages at start-up. However! It turns out agda2-mode already includes eri! But straight doesn’t know that. So instead we need to inform it of that fact.

(straight-use-package '(agda2-mode :includes eri))

It turns out that agda2-mode contains within it a couple of things, so straight.el provides some extra syntax for passing a list of options.

(straight-use-package '(agda2-mode :includes (eri annotation)))